Bamboo tongue cleaner (Pack of 2)


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The Perfect Design:

Its comparatively broader design enables it to cover most of the area of the tongue in one single stroke, effectively removing white coating and dead cells. 

There are no sharp edges and they are gentle on the tongue

Nature’s Product:

Our bamboo tongue cleaners are completely biodegradable as they are made from bamboo.

Best For Travel:

The Bamboo tongue cleaner is best suited for travel due to its lightweight. It can be easily sterilized by putting in warm water.


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Ecofrolic’s new Bamboo tongue cleaner helps in maintaining oral hygiene by cleaning the white coating and the dead cells effectively, giving back the fresh breath to the mouth. This U shaped bamboo cleaner is flexible, so that it can clean the corners of the tongue easily. Made from Bamboo, it is durable and strong so it can withstand any roughness.

Packet contains: 2 pieces of Bamboo tongue Cleaner

Care Instructions: Since this tongue cleaner is made up of Bamboo it is recommended that you keep it in a dry place after every use. It is recommended to replace it in every three months or corresponding to wear and tear


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