Bamboo cotton ear buds


“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”

1 Pack consists of 80 buds (160 swabs)

With Love, From Nature:

The stem is made up from Bamboo and it makes it Biodegradable, where normal Earbuds are made from plastic.

Made from environment friendly materials, it is nontoxic for you and even for our precious planet.

More Uses:

Ideal to use for cleaning ears and face, makeup, arts and crats and suitable for babies and pets.

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Made from pure cotton and bamboo, these cotton swabs / Earbuds can clean ears comfortably and effectively. The anti-bacterial property of cotton keeps the ears fresh for long duration. Our bamboo-cotton swabs can be used for any application, let it be art and craft or makeup, pet care or first aid; as it is made from bamboo, its durability is up to the mark.

Packet contains: 80 pieces – 160 swabs

Care Instructions: Since the stem  is made up of Bamboo it is recommended that you keep it in a dry place.




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