How Bamboo Contributes to a Plastic-Free Lifestyle

In today’s world, when we talk about eco-friendly products, we can’t miss bamboo. It’s always been the most environment-friendly product till now. Bamboo, also known as Bambusa, has been the most delicate thing we can use in history. It takes only 3-4 years to grow compared to other trees. It doesn’t require any chemicals for growth. Furthermore, bamboo is a very light material that considerably reduces the release of carbon emissions into the atmosphere during transportation.

Bamboo is a product that has started striking people’s minds around the world.

 Nowadays, we see some products like household toothbrushes, straws, cutlery, hair comb, and furniture made with bamboo.

 The various products made with bamboo are more resistant, flexible, and give a luxurious aesthetic appearance.

If it can't be done with bamboo, it probably shouldn't be done.

- Fred Hornaday

Through bamboo, we are encouraged with a new habit of reusing and using eco-friendly products, reducing plastic waste, and ending land life and oceans. In addition, using bamboo products can also create various positive impacts in our life by encouraging us to put more eco-friendly/ecological products in use. 

Over time it will reduce the consumption of plastic. With that in mind, we reduce our impacts and damages on wildlife as wild animals often consume our plastic waste.